Dipping powder manicures have revolutionized nail polish procedures in recent times. More women are switching over from gel and acrylic polish jobs to dipping powder manicures. The prime reason is that these manicures are amongst the most convenient of all three procedures. Besides, dipping manicures last longer and do not harm your nails. You can also try out the techniques at home and save time and money. However, you can make mistakes during the learning curve. Here are some issues that could crop up during an SNS dip powder manicure and the steps you take to troubleshoot.

Lifting nails can be a significant irritant

Dipping powder manicures require practicing a lot. If you fail to follow the appropriate procedure, the nail polish layer can lift and leave a significant gap for water to enter and accumulate. It can become a breeding ground for bacteria and also dampen your dip powder manicure.


The solution lies in preparing your nails well for the manicure. The cuticles need pushing back into their grooves. Similarly, the nail surface should be free of oil residue. If there is any gap between your nails and the dipping powder, you are inviting this issue. However, if you take care to push your cuticles and clean your nail surface of oil residue, you thwart nail lifting and end up with an excellent manicure.

Your nails do not look shiny enough

Many people, especially those not having enough experience, end up with a dull dipping powder manicure. The prime issue responsible for such dull nails is the timing.


People have the habit of rushing through their dip powder manicures. As there is no curing under the UV lamp, many women neglect to dry the nail polish and allow the dipping powder to blend correctly. It can lead to a dull finish. You should ensure not to pile on layer after layer of nail polish when it is wet. Allow the coat to blend, harden, and dry before applying the next coat.

Bumpy and thick nail manicures can mar the show

Improper product selection and using old products can lead to bumpy and thick nail manicures. It affects the attraction quotient as the best SNS dipping powder color should be smooth and without any bumps.


Before you sit down for the manicure, you should ensure having quality products at your disposal. Using old and clumpy powder is a sure way to get bumpy and thick nails. You can shake the dipping powder bottle to loosen the powder and remove clumps. Besides, your basecoat and topcoat layer should be as thin as possible to get the perfect dipping powder manicure.

Discoloration and fading can affect the attraction quotient

One of the primary issues of using sub-standard products is that you experience discoloration and fading of colors quickly. It affects your attractiveness quotient and your confidence levels.


One should make it a practice to check out the ingredients and the formula used for manufacturing your dipping powder. If you use cheap quality products, you are inviting fading of colors and discoloration issues. It is advisable to purchase high-quality products like SNS powder colors. Besides, you should avoid contact with products like sunblock creams, household cleaners, etc., by wearing gloves.

Chipping and cracking of nails is another depressing issue

A perfectly done dipping powder manicure can last comfortably up to five to six weeks. However, if you find your nails chipping and cracking too soon, you need to take appropriate remedial measures.


Having thin layers of dip powder can cause the nails to chip or crack. The winter months and the cold climate can also cause nails to chip. The ideal way to deal with such an issue is to have a couple of additional dip powder layers. The powder should spread evenly over your nail instead of concentrating at a specific point. Using top-quality products and following the ideal procedures can prevent the chipping and cracking of your nails.

A torn nail needs immediate repairs

Despite the best care, you could accidentally injure your nails and tear them. If you encounter a torn nail, you can look out for the following items in your home to repair it.


If you face a nail emergency, you can head straight away to your kitchen cabinet and look for household materials that can hold up like your natural nails. These items include tea bags, coffee filters, paper towels, and fiberglass. Watch out for educational videos on your social media channels to learn how to repair torn nails.

Final Thoughts

Dipping powder manicures have become the trend today. With not many nail salons open because of the pandemic situation, you should practice how to apply dipping powder to your nails at home. Following the correct procedure can help you overcome the issues discussed above, whereby you end up with shining SNS nails.