Imagine you get your whole body tanned from a fancy salon, you pay quite a lot of money and it fades out after a few days. How would you feel? Definitely not good at all. Nowadays, like all the other products, tanning products are also becoming inferior in quality and due to poor application techniques, it does not stay bright and dark. Especially when you have any skin condition, it is very hard to maintain the darkness of the tan.

Maintain the Darkest Tan for the Longest Time

To help you out with this situation,we have brought to you a simple guide that will help you in maintaining the darkness of your tan for the longest time. Let’s check these out.

Which are the best products to help you maintain tan vibrancy?

If you want to maintain the vibrancy of your tan for the longest time, there are few products you must have. First and most important is the tingle tanning lotion. It is a very effective formula for providing you skin with moisturization which makes the tan stay for the longest time with the same brightness and dark color.

Sometimes, people with tattooed skin complain that their tattoos fade when they apply tan over it. The use of an anti-fade tattoo tanning lotion will not only keep your tattoo bright and attractive, it will also keep your tattoo protected for a long time. This product highly extends the life of both the tattoo & the tan as well.

After using the above mentioned products, you’ll definitely fall in love with the results.

Keep your tan protected from fading out by adopting the following tips

There are a few tips you should keep in mind when you go for fake tanning. These will provide additional protection to your tan and keep your skin well bronzed.

Always apply sunscreen. Do not go outside with your skin exposed. Sunscreen is not only important to keep your tan protected but also, it keeps your entire skin safe from solar harm.

Use a high quality tanning oil. Tanning oils help in strengthening the base of the tattoo and makes it dark and bright. If you want to keep your tattoo attractive for the longest time, you must use it after your tanning lotion.

How to get the best tanned skin when you have eczema?

There is another major problem with tanned skin. People who experience eczema want to hide it with their tan which is most of the time, not achieved with low quality tanning products. After applying the tan, it quickly fades away exposing the underlying eczema of the skin. Well you can try out the best tanning lotion for eczema. It will give you an evenly distributed tan on your skin which you have always wanted. Not only this, your eczema will be perfectly hidden under your beautifully tanned skin. You need to try it out at least once and you’ll be amazed to see the wonderful results of the product.


Getting tanned is easy, maintaining it is quite difficult. After a few washes with a strong detergent, the tan becomes almost non-existent. It leaves unattractive and unpleasant looking patches on your skin. The areas of the body that are exposed show lighter and faded tan as compared to the rest of the body. Sun and environment also affect the tan in an adverse manner. It is very important to keep your tan protected in order to maintain its darkness and vibrance. The quick and easy tips and guide given above will be a great way to help you achieve the goal.