Acne-prone skin is difficult to handle due to its rough and bumpy texture as well as the appearance of redness and inflammation. Especially for doing makeup, it becomes a really hard thing to do. Most people with acne-prone skin avoid applying anything on their face due to the fear of breakouts. This fear is justified as the reaction of even a minor irritant in the makeup products with your skin can lead to a huge outburst of pimples on your entire face.

Best Makeup Routine for Acne-Prone Skin

Keeping all these things in mind, we decided to bring to you some tips to handle your acne-prone skin perfectly while doing makeup.

How can makeup help you?

It is usually thought that makeup can make your acne worse. This is true if you have chosen the wrong type of product. Carefully chosen products will not harm you rather they’ll prove beneficial for your skin. For instance, a primer or foundation containing salicylic acid can actually help treat acne. Similarly, moisturizing products can help in the nourishment of your skin, helping the breakouts to gradually reduce. It all depends upon the choice of the products and your priorities.

Follow these steps while doing your makeup

Now let’s move on to the actual makeup routine. Follow these tips to get yourself glammed up.


A primer is the most basic step to any makeup routine. It is the base on which your entire makeup will settle. While choosing a primer for acne-prone skin, make sure it is gentle, moisturizing, and mattifying in nature. Apply it in a generous amount on all areas of your skin. Massage it gently with your fingertips until all of it is absorbed.


Moving on to the foundation, choose the one that is non-occlusive in nature otherwise it will clog the pores and result in outbreaks. Apply it on a beauty blender and spread it all over your face. Slowly blend in to build coverage. Don’t forget to touch up the darker and less prominent areas of your face.


Next comes the concealer. It is the most vital step in the makeup of acne-prone skin. It will help in hiding all the acne-covered areas of your face. Once you have chosen the best concealer for acne prone skin, you’ll see how effectively it covers all the pimples on your face. If you do not want to apply foundation on a daily basis, you can just apply concealer on your face and it will do the job of giving camouflage to your breakouts.


Now, let’s set this all with a good mineral powder. Make sure your powder does not overdry your skin. Apply it all over your face and brush off the excess.


If your skin is over inflamed and stays red all the time, do not go for dark blush on. Stay minimalistic and go for pinkish, peachy, and rosy shades.


One can never go wrong with a highlighter. Apply it on your cheeks and jawbones to get an uplifting effect.

Makeup Remover

Now once you are done with your day out and are looking forward to removing your makeup, remember that your skin is acne-prone so you need to get every bit of the makeup off your skin. In that case, using the best natural makeup remover will be the best for you. Apply it on a small face pad and remove all the makeup.


You can also use a toner after removing your makeup to get a clean and fresh look.


Acne-prone skin is not that much of a big deal if you are careful and aware of what you are applying to your face. Also, your applying technique greatly matters. Be gentle to your skin and do not aggressively rub it. This will prevent triggering your acne and you can enjoy a beautiful makeup look.